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Core Compliance Governance

Core compliance governance designs policy and the standards of accessibility for an organization. It entails an in-house, centered design and features best practices. It also assists with system consulting development and processes. Core compliance governance leads to internal centered designing and best practices, which ensures that leadership is accountable for the day-to-day operations.

Accessibility Compliance Management

We manage product accessibility to ensure the procurement and processes are established and implemented through design standards, Section 508 programming, and oversight of accessibility for the organization.

Compliance Business Systems Strategy

We oversee and optimize the compliance platform. This includes redesigning compliant environments by applying compliance standards and guidance, while participating in and recreating executive compliant system strategies.

Compliance Project Management

We help you understand and manage the product that needs to be compliant with accessibility standards. We ensure accessibility is added into your day-to-day operations and that it is implemented both internally and externally.